Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bad Parking Around Town

So, I have created this blog to share my experiences with people that have no idea how to park a car. I mean the people who drive the littlest cars and take up 2 spaces. The people who feel the need to park on or over the yellow line. The people that drive huge trucks and feel the need to try and squeeze into a parking space because its the closest to the entrance, holding up traffic for 20 minutes while they're doing a 30 point turn. Even the people that hold up traffic in the parking lot because someone is leaving in an hour. (Exaggeration, I know)

Every time I venture out, I carry my camera with me so chances are this page will be updated regularly. I realize that there are a lot more important problems in this world (and I could go on and on and on about them, too), but this one is a simple one that can be documented and fixed if everyone would get some common sense.

I will start accepting submissions later on. More information on that when it comes about.


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Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I'll have some good ones for you.