Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally putting more pictures of bad parking up. Not very good at resurrecting yet, haha

Trying to resurrect the blog but I keep accumulating pictures and forgetting to put them up. Here are some more pictures finally. So here we go...

So this is just plain stupidity at work here. You can clearly tell where the lines are and that van isn't THAT big. Even if you didn't realize you parked like that, you would get out and say "Oh wow, thats horrible" and get back in to adjust the van accordingly.

I'm guessing that this person is in the same family as the person who drives the van. My assumption would be that they are closely related or husband and wife.

The silver Taurus seen here was parked by cousins of the owners of the conversion van and the blue Honda. Instead of taking of 2 spaces they just take half a space and their share of the isle.

I don't really have anything to say about this one. I just find it very sad that some of the worst offenders of bad parking are the folks with the smaller vehicles.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Resurrecting a dead blog.

So after over a year of no posts I am posting once again. Here are pictures a plenty of bad parking that I have taken. All have been taken with my phone so please forgive the quality. As always, feel free to email me your pictures using the email parkingblog at yahoo dot com.

Which came first? The Mini or the Suburban

Some people are just plain stupid.

Ditto the above comment. Subaru's or Honda mini vans are not so nice that you have to park all screwed up to protect it.

This was great. Those people are parked in the aisle and talking to the people in the Ford Taurus. Not to mention the other white car is blocking 2 spaces plus the Taurus with its door open is blocking another space.

Someone doesn't know how to park a large pickup. The place where this happened gets this type of thing alot. The second picture with the silver Subaru is at the same place.

This person apparently didn't notice the 3 empty parking spaces that are just out of frame to the right and the 4 or 5 to left.

Here we have yet another COTA parking flaw. The driver of this bus parked and went into a clothing store for about 25 minutes. All the while his bus was sitting here RUNNING. Either related to or the same driver as this COTA flaw.

This picture taken outside Meijers around 10:30 pm. Yes it's late but that doesn't give you an excuse to park like an idiot.

Now this just recently happened outside my girlfriends work. You can't really tell from the picture but there is about a foot or foot and a half of space between these cars.

That was just the beginning of the ressurection of what I hope to be a long run.

Remember to keep and eye out for bad parking and feel free to SUBMIT pictures.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Honestly people!!

What is it with this stuff? Once again, we have a truck parked across 3 parking spaces. This is in a McDonald's parking lot during lunch rush. This particular Mickey D's parking lot is not big at all. Because of its location, the outer perimeter parking is very limited. There is a huge parking lot right behind McD's because of a shopping center located there. God forbid that he might have to walk 25 yards to the door. This guy has got to be related to the COTA driver. My apologies for the crappy picture; I had to take it in a hurry.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Once again...

We have a driver who apparently does not realize that the lines go the other way. Yes I know this is a truck, but he could have easily backed into one of those spaces instead of being across 3 spaces. My guess is that the driver of this truck is related to this COTA Driver in some way.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Need diesel?

You won't be getting it anytime soon here. Well, at least that was the case when I was at the gas station. I am not sure what to say to this. I guess if you need fuel bad enough, it's right to block everyone else in? On top of blocking everyone while he was fueling the truck, after he was done, the truck would not start. You can see the hood up in the second picture. I don't know how long he was sitting there.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I can't even say anything about this.

This one is just self-explanatory. I saw this guy pull in and park like that. I grabbed my camera and took the picture, then just as I was about to leave, I had to grab my camera again.

The church

I actually witnessed this. I could not believe it. She has NO handicapped tag or handicapped license plate. She hopped right out of the jeep and walked away. Besides the fact that she is in the handicapped spot, she is on the sidewalk also. This was at a church. My apologies for the blurry picture.

Wally World

What we have here are a few cars in Wal-Mart's parking lot. These are just a few examples of how parking is EVERYDAY at Wally world. I could roam the parking lot all day long and have 2 pages worth of posts.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How about this one

Here is an example of what happens when one person doesn't park right. It's a chain effect. This was taken in a parking lot of an office building that has some government offices in it. Lovely Eh?

The black pickup truck parked almost on the line, therefore the red car's driver obviously did not want to get close to the truck so he/she decided that they would park a little farther over, screwing everyone else up in the process. Of course the smart thing would have been not to try to park next to the red car in the first place and just skip to the next spot. Apparently some people aren't smart enough to have that kind of common sense.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I will now be accepting submissions. Email is to the right of this post.

When submitting a picture, please include the following details:
Location (City, state, parking lot of what store etc)
Also, the pictures should be recent, not something that you took last year in December.

Thanks and I look forward to your submissions!