Thursday, November 5, 2009

Resurrecting a dead blog.

So after over a year of no posts I am posting once again. Here are pictures a plenty of bad parking that I have taken. All have been taken with my phone so please forgive the quality. As always, feel free to email me your pictures using the email parkingblog at yahoo dot com.

Which came first? The Mini or the Suburban

Some people are just plain stupid.

Ditto the above comment. Subaru's or Honda mini vans are not so nice that you have to park all screwed up to protect it.

This was great. Those people are parked in the aisle and talking to the people in the Ford Taurus. Not to mention the other white car is blocking 2 spaces plus the Taurus with its door open is blocking another space.

Someone doesn't know how to park a large pickup. The place where this happened gets this type of thing alot. The second picture with the silver Subaru is at the same place.

This person apparently didn't notice the 3 empty parking spaces that are just out of frame to the right and the 4 or 5 to left.

Here we have yet another COTA parking flaw. The driver of this bus parked and went into a clothing store for about 25 minutes. All the while his bus was sitting here RUNNING. Either related to or the same driver as this COTA flaw.

This picture taken outside Meijers around 10:30 pm. Yes it's late but that doesn't give you an excuse to park like an idiot.

Now this just recently happened outside my girlfriends work. You can't really tell from the picture but there is about a foot or foot and a half of space between these cars.

That was just the beginning of the ressurection of what I hope to be a long run.

Remember to keep and eye out for bad parking and feel free to SUBMIT pictures.

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