Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally putting more pictures of bad parking up. Not very good at resurrecting yet, haha

Trying to resurrect the blog but I keep accumulating pictures and forgetting to put them up. Here are some more pictures finally. So here we go...

So this is just plain stupidity at work here. You can clearly tell where the lines are and that van isn't THAT big. Even if you didn't realize you parked like that, you would get out and say "Oh wow, thats horrible" and get back in to adjust the van accordingly.

I'm guessing that this person is in the same family as the person who drives the van. My assumption would be that they are closely related or husband and wife.

The silver Taurus seen here was parked by cousins of the owners of the conversion van and the blue Honda. Instead of taking of 2 spaces they just take half a space and their share of the isle.

I don't really have anything to say about this one. I just find it very sad that some of the worst offenders of bad parking are the folks with the smaller vehicles.

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